GEIGERRIG PRESSURIZED HYDRATION SYSTEMS - 1) Reversible, Dishwasher Safe Reservoirs for easy cleaning and drying. 2) Spray action for cooling, cleaning, and sharing 3) Plug and Play, On-The-Go, In-line Water Filtration. 1) Your hydration reservoir should be easy to clean and dry. - CHECK! 2) Your Hydration reservoir should allow you to use the water for anything you may need it for. Because the water can spray out, your water is now readily available for many uses. - CHECK! 3) You should be able to refill from natural fresh-water sources that you find along the trail. Plug in your in-line filter, fill up from the stream, pressurize, and DRINK! - CHECK GEIGERRIG Hydration - PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE!

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